Nicoll Ullrich

Living in Berlin. Before, studying at Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Amsterdam and Prague.

Exhibitions at de fabriek Eindhoven, modul Dresden, centrum Berlin, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, OZEAN BerlinRicou Gallery Brussels, SOX Berlin and more.

Currently working in interdiciplinary projects as Art Director/Conceptional Designer, interested in intermedia collaborations.

«Ullrich’s current work is now predominantly sculptural with an overriding interest in raw materials. ... Amid the heady visual medley of material plenitude and contrasts, Ullrich’s priority, she explains, is to focus attention on the material per se – its textures, its density, its most integral matter, as disassociated from its conventional usage or forms. She uses the example of bone to explain her concept. When we think of bones, we tend to envisage a linear form, an outline, a cartoonish skeleton perhaps, but these automatic structural analogies divert attention from the substance itself. Ullrich subverts the associations of material, therefore, to allow us to consider the material itself.»

(from, exhibition in centrum Berlin, 2010)