Nicoll Ullrich | Artist 


Master Sociology, TU Kaiserslautern | Postgraduate studies in sculpture, space concepts, Prof. E. Bosslet, HfBK Dresden Diploma Painting and Sculpture, HfBK Dresden | Visual Design Assistant


PROJECTS: ongoing since 2009: vademecum, described situations in the exhibition context, encompassing individual artworks, spatial arrangements, experienced by visitors in art exhibitions

2018-2020: BlindNature and SinnSinn, critical examination of visual perception as the dominant sense and curating events that encourage re-engagement with other senses: tactile, olfactory, gustatory, and auditory experiences

2006-2009: MANDY, Produzentengalierie Leipzig

EXHIBITIONS: 2014 [‚ri:miks] – R. Gander, Kunstverein „Im Friese“, Sachsen

2013 [‚ri:miks] – C. Oldenburg, Zwanzigquadratmeter Berlin (solo) | The Edge of Real, Centrum Berlin | Hal Project, Seoul/Korea | Tomorrow It’s Time For The Future, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Berlin

2012 Galerie Sebastien Ricou Brüssel (solo) | Scrutiny Mutiny, The Unpolitical Political, Gartenstudio Berlin | 30. Art Brüssel, Galerie Sebastien Ricou

2011 SchwarzRotGelb, DeFabrik, Eindhoven | Saulgrub, supported by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa), Futura Galerie Prag | Umlaute, Scharpenberg Gallery, Chicago | Form & Fassung, Galerie Zanderkasten Dresden | Saulgrub, supported by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa), MeetFactory – International center of contemporary art in Prag | The Accidents of Form, London – Berlin, LOBE Galerie Berlin

2010 Galerie Sebastien Ricou Brüssel (solo) | ICCD, Schnell und Schmutzig Ausstellungsprojekt, Berlin | Fantómas#4, Artist Residency Program, Centrum Berlin

2009 Splendid Isolation, Goldrausch, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Berlin | Settings, Galerie Loop Berlin | Podrostok, SOX Berlin | EX, Modul Dresden | HaiSchaiMai, oqbo Galerie Berlin | 2008 Mandy, Galerie Plan-d Düsseldorf | Galerie Mandy Leipzig (solo) | Galerie Linda Hamburg (solo)

Publikationen: 2019 about a square/ten years of site specific exhibitions, Eric Emery | 2019 Index Klasse Bosslet | 2009 Nicoll Ullrich, Splendid Isolation – Goldrausch 2009, Berlin | 2008 Dresdens Junge Dinger, extra Verlag Dresden